twtxt registry
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A fast, resilient twtxt registry server written in Go!

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Retrieve the version of the instance by issuing a GET request to the /api/plain/version endpoint.

$ curl ''
getwtxt v0.5.0

Add new user by submitting a POST request to the /api/plain/users endpoint. If both ?url=X and ?nickname=X are not passed, or the user already exists in this registry, you will receive 400 Bad Request as a response. If you are unsure what went wrong, the error message should provide enough information for you to correct the request.

$ curl -X POST ''
200 OK

Query responses are in descending chronological order. This means the newest user or tweet will be in the first row of the response, with older users or tweets in subsequent rows. Additionally, All queries accept ?page=N as a parameter, returning groups of 20 results. This may be omitted for the first page of results.

Get all users:

$ curl ''
foo          2019-05-09T08:42:23.000Z
foobar      2019-04-14T19:23:00.000Z
foo_barrington    2019-03-01T15:59:39.000Z

Query for user by URL:

$ curl ''
foo_barrington    2019-05-01T15:59:39.000Z

Query for user by keyword:

$ curl ''
foobar      2019-05-14T19:23:00.000Z
foo_barrington    2019-04-01T15:59:39.000Z

Get all tweets:

$ curl ''
foobar    2019-05-13T12:46:20.000Z    It's been a busy day at work!

Query tweets by keyword:

$ curl ''
foo_barrington    2019-04-30T06:00:09.000Z    I just installed getwtxt

Get all tweets with tags:

$ curl ''
foo    2019-03-01T09:33:12.000Z    No, seriously, I need #help
foo    2019-03-01T09:32:05.000Z    Seriously, I love #programming!
foo    2019-03-01T09:31:02.000Z    I love #programming!

Query tweets by tag:

$ curl ''
foo    2019-03-01T09:31:02.000Z    I love #programming!

Get all tweets with mentions:

$ curl ''
foo          2019-02-28T11:06:44.000Z    @<foo_barrington> Hey!! Are you still working on that project?
bar          2019-02-27T11:06:44.000Z    @<foobar> How's your day going, bud?
foo_barrington    2019-02-26T11:06:44.000Z    @<foo> Did you eat my lunch?

Query tweets by mention URL:

$ curl ''
foo    2019-02-26T11:06:44.000Z    @<foo_barrington> Hey!! Are you still working on that project?